The EU ruled out the introduction of sanctions against the national debt of Russia after the USA

The introduction of against Russia’s sovereign debt, following a similar decision by the United States, was ruled out in the European Union (EU). This was reported by a diplomatic source from one of the European states in Brussels.

According to the source, the issue of against Russia’s public debt is not on the agenda of the EU institutions.
It is not currently being discussed, and no EU country has proposed such measures — ” the source said.

On the eve of April 15, US President signed a decree on new against Russia April 15. The reasons for their introduction were called ” actions of the government and intelligence services against the sovereignty and interests of the United States.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that these restrictive measures increase the degree of confrontation between Russia and the United States. According to her, Moscow’s response to such actions will be inevitable.

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