Without servants and planes: the network remembered of Merkel at the head of Germany

After German Chancellor Angela Merkel left the post of party leader of the Christian Democratic Union, the network recalled her 18 years in power.

In the eighteen years of her leadership, no violations were recorded against her. She did not appoint any of her relatives as a secretary. She did not claim to be the creator of glory. She did not fight with those who preceded her or did not suit her. She didn’t say anything stupid.

As the Chancellor of Germany, she was not seen in the purchase of the real estate, cars, yachts, and planes. Merkel often wore the same clothes, saying she was a civil servant, not a model.

“No, I don’t have any female employees and I don’t need them. My husband and I do this work at home every day… I lay out my clothes, and my husband manages the washing machine, and this usually happens at night, “ Merkel said about her life.

The politician continues to live in the same apartment in which she lived before being elected Chancellor of Germany. She does not own a villa with servants, where there are swimming pools and gardens.

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