In Portugal, they proposed to put people in jail for vaccination against COVID-19 out of turn

Portuguese Social Democrats from the PSD party are proposing fines or even imprisonment for up to three years for violators of the vaccination order.

This applies to both those who get the vaccines and those who receive them for themselves or a third party writes Publico. The deputies explained their proposal with a number of scandals when the mayors of cities and relatives of hospital workers first received the vaccine.

The authors of the bill note that officials in the event of such a violation can be held accountable for abuse of office. At the same time, this article cannot be applied to other categories of citizens.

In this regard, the deputies propose to define vaccination against out of turn as a separate subspecies of a crime in the health sector. Thus, they want to guarantee punishment for everyone, regardless of what status the violator has.

In Poland, after a with vaccination against coronavirus, two officials of the Warsaw Medical University were fired out of turn.

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