Why did Justin Bieber stop using his mobile phone?

Justin Bieber admitted that he recently stopped using a mobile phone to separate his personal life from his professional life. The 27-year-old singer said this in an interview with Billboard.

“I learned to defend my borders. I don’t feel like I owe anyone anything anymore, “ Bieber says. — Now I can just say no and be firm in my decision. My heart yearns to help people, but I can’t embrace the vast.”

To communicate with the team, Justin uses a tablet. According to the singer, he gets up at eight in the morning and contacts his manager to find out what happened while he was out of touch. By six in the evening, Justin finishes work, turns off all the gadgets, and spends time with his wife Hailey Bieber.

Justin was only 15 when his debut single One Time was released. The singer quickly became a popular and successful performer, which, by his own admission, greatly affected his mental health. “It was all about success and benchmarks and stuff like that, but inside I was empty,” Bieber recalls. — My personal life suffered a lot from this. I had success, I had money, but it wasn’t satisfying.”

After ten years of nonstop work and endless touring, Bieber has learned to maintain a work-life balance. “At the moment, I have reached such a level of success that I understand that success is not everything, it is not a guarantee of my happiness,” Justin concluded.

Earlier, the singer admitted that because of the fame that fell on him, he was visited by thoughts of suicide. “There were times when I considered suicide,” Bieber said. — I asked myself, will this pain ever go away?” The pain was constant. I have suffered, and I would rather feel nothing at all than feel this pain.”

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