In Poland, rapid tests for COVID-19 will be sold in stores

From the beginning of next week, rapid tests for  will appear in Biedronka stores throughout .

These will be tests produced by the Swiss company Prima Lab. Their accuracy is 98.3%. It will be possible to get tested at home, for this, you only need a drop of blood, and the result will be available after 10 minutes.

The Primacovid tests that Biedronka will sell are the so-called serological tests. They can detect if a person has developed IgG and IgM antibodies against the coronavirus. Tests will be on sale before stock runs out. for 1 piece — PLN 49.99. At the same time, Biedronka introduced a purchase limit: no more than three tests per customer.

Following Bedronka, tests for should soon start selling in another popular retail chain in Poland — Lidl. They promise that the tests will appear in a few days or weeks. At the same time, Lidl wants to sell not only serological tests but also showing the presence of COVID-19 during illness.

Recall that a new wave of coronavirus is expected in Poland, so ski resorts are being closed.

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