In Poland, rapid tests for COVID-19 will be sold in stores

From the beginning of next week, rapid tests for  will appear in Biedronka stores throughout Poland.

These will be tests produced by the Swiss company Prima Lab. Their accuracy is 98.3%. It will be possible to get tested at home, for this, you only need a drop of blood, and the result will be available after 10 minutes.

The Primacovid tests that Biedronka will sell are the so-called serological tests. They can detect if a person has developed IgG and IgM antibodies against the coronavirus. Tests will be on sale before stock runs out. for 1 piece — PLN 49.99. At the same time, Biedronka introduced a purchase limit: no more than three tests per customer.

Following Bedronka, tests for should soon start selling in another popular retail chain in  — Lidl. They promise that the tests will appear in a few days or weeks. At the same time, Lidl wants to sell not only serological tests but also showing the presence of COVID-19 during illness.

Recall that a new wave of  is expected in Poland, so ski resorts are being closed.

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