Venice’s famous canals dry up due to low tides

Venice has been recording a rather rare phenomenon in recent days — some canals have almost dried up due to low tides.

This is reported by Venice Today.

Low tides caused small channels to dry up and opened up the banks of the Grand Canal. The phenomenon was made possible due to the strong atmospheric pressure over Italy, which affects the rise of the water level.

On Friday, the minimum tide in the city was 48 centimeters below mid-sea, and for the weekend, the Municipal Tidal Center predicts e figures: in particular, a negative peak of -55 centimeters at 17: 00 on Saturday, followed by a likely -50 on Sunday.

However, this is not a record for Venice: in January 2018, a minimum of -66 centimeters was recorded, and at the end of February 2008, a record of -83 centimeters was recorded.

Recall that in mid-November 2019, Venice suffered due to the highest tide in 50 years. The water level reached 1.87 meters.

As a result, the Italian authorities decided to impose a state of emergency in Venice.

In June 2020, most of the historic center of Venice went underwater after one of the record tides, rare for this time of year.

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