In Hungary, the president was vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine

uses vaccines from five manufacturers. More than half a million people have already received the first vaccination.

Hungarian President Janos Ader on Saturday, February 27, was vaccinated against the  by the Chinese company Sinopharm, Today reports.

The head of state urged to register for vaccination as early as possible, and also to appear to receive an injection as soon as the therapist notifies about it.

“Let’s trust our doctors, our healthcare system,” Ader said, adding that he hopes the epidemic will soon be over.

Sinopharm vaccine shipments to began on 16 February. They began to vaccinate her on February 24.

In total, vaccines from five manufacturers are used in Hungary. The first vaccination has already been given to more than 520 thousand people, and the second — 240 thousand.

remains the leader in vaccination. There, about half of the population has already received the first dose of the vaccine, and 35% of citizens have received two doses.

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