Trump’s doctor told how the head of the White House is being treated

Infected with the coronavirus, Trump is in a good mood despite the fact that he feels tired, said his doctor Sean Conley.

President Donald Trump, who was confirmed to be infected with a new type of  infection the day before, was injected with a cocktail of Regeneron antibodies, said the head of state’s doctor, Sean Conley.

It is specified that the injection contained 8 grams of the drug.

“The drug was administered without incident,” Conley said in a statement released by the White House press service.

According to the doctor, the president is tired, “but in a good mood.” He also noted that the spouse of the head of the state feels good, she has a slight cough and headache. Conley also noted that the rest of America’s first family is fine, and their tests showed negative results.

At the same time, BBC News reports that US President has been taken to hospital. According to media reports, he is at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

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