Finnish prime minister to go to quarantine after EU summit

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin will go into quarantine after returning from the EU summit in Brussels. This was reported by the MTV3 TV channel.

The entire Finnish delegation, including Marin, according to him, in the evening will pass the test for coronavirus and then — a retest in three days, as provided by the rules adopted in Finland for returnees from countries where the number of infected per 100 thousand people in the last two weeks exceeds 25 (including Belgium). The second test is necessary in order to be exempt from 14-day quarantine after arrival in the country. However, it must be done not earlier than 72 hours after entry. The home quarantine must be followed until the result is obtained.

According to the channel, in case of a negative result, Marin can start working as usual already on Tuesday.

The number of cases of infection with the new coronavirus in Finland increased by 141 per day, reaching 10 244. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 344 fatalities have been recorded in the country. According to recent estimates, the pace of the pandemic in Finland is accelerating, the situation has begun to deteriorate in many regions.

From March 19 to May 13, Finland closed its borders to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Since September 19, the country has allowed entry without the need to be quarantined from countries where the number of cases of coronavirus is 25 per 100 thousand people in the last two weeks. Later, for countries where this threshold has been exceeded, entry without quarantine may be allowed with a negative coronavirus test passed in advance. This measure will apply only to the EU countries, the Schengen zone, and states from the list of third countries drawn up by the EU, and will not apply, in particular, to Russia and the USA.

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