Trump blames China for his illness

blamed China for the spread of the coronavirus. The US President announced this in his video message posted on Twitter.

“This is China’s mistake. And China will pay a heavy price for what they have done to our country and the world, ” said the American leader.

Trump has previously referred to COVID-19 as the “China virus” or “Wuhan virus,” which has outraged many civil liberties groups. They argued that such language could cause outbreaks of racism and violence against Asian Americans.

Trump’s infection with the coronavirus became known on the morning of October 2. His wife Melania Trump also tested positive for coronavirus. A few days later, the president was found to have antibodies to the infection. Trump’s physician Sean Conley said that the American leader is on the mend. He was already released from the hospital home, where, according to the doctor, he spent his first quiet night. Trump is currently showing no symptoms and is doing well, Conley said.

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