The EU has agreed on sanctions for a cyber attack on the Bundestag

The European Union has launched a procedure to impose sanctions for cyberattacks on the German Bundestag, which was carried out in 2015, allegedly from Russia.

This was reported by informed sources AFP, reports DW.

The ambassadors of 27 EU member states have agreed to introduce visa bans on two individuals and block their accounts in the European Union. Information about their identity and citizenship will be made public only after the sanctions come into force.

Besides people in the sanctions list, there is also one organization.

According to the publication, the final decision on the imposition of penalties must be approved by EU member governments.

Cyberattack on the Bundestag in May 2015 paralyzed the IT infrastructure of the German parliament and the parliament had to be completely disconnected from the Internet for a few days.

In May 2020, German Chancellor Angela Merkel laid the blame for what happened in Russia. German investigators believe that the attack could have come from one of the agents of the Russian GRU, and in May a warrant was issued for the arrest of Russian citizen Dmitry Badin.

We also reported that pro-opposition Russian hackers carried out a cyberattack on a university clinic in Dusseldorf, which resulted in the death of one of the patients.

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