Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel talk about family life

Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel are one of the most talked-about star couples. The couple became the heroes of the new issue of Madame Figaro. In an interview with the publication, they talked about family life and how their relationship was affected by the forced quarantine.

“During the lockdown, we were together all the time,” says Cassel. — We took advantage of this time to watch a lot of TV shows, such as Euphoria, a series about Gianni Versace, Emily in Paris, or Peaky Blinders.”

“We are actually very much merged. Even if we work hard, we never break up for long, ” adds Tina.

At the same time, the couple travels a lot. According to Cassel, their two-year-old daughter Amazone has already traveled around the world twice. The 54-year-old actor also has two older daughters from his first marriage to Monica Bellucci, 16-year-old Virgo, and 10-year-old Leonie.

“I like that I have three daughters. I always grew up surrounded by women,” says Cassel. — My daughters have strong and independent mothers, real role models. There is no place for moralizing in my method of education. I know that my daughters will never consider themselves worse than men. Deva and Leonie gradually discover that they live in an unfair world, but they do not consider themselves victims of chauvinism. I see how instinctively they position themselves, how they sometimes put me in my place, wanting to be independent. Sometimes, on the contrary, they show me that they need me.”

In the interview, the 23-year-old model Tina also spoke about her debut Tina for Vincent clothing collection for the French brand The Kooples. “I was really inspired by Vincent’s style when I was working on the collection. I wear his clothes all the time. So I created a capsule collection of 15 basic things: it has voluminous jackets, shirts, jeans… The line is created in muted shades, many things have a loose fit. This is similar to my style because for me comfort is the key element».

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