The UK expels Chinese spies pretending to be journalists

The expelled three Chinese spies in a year, allegedly working as journalists. This is reported by The Telegraph, citing a government source.

According to the publication, the scouts pretended to be employees of the Ministry of State of the People’s Republic of China. However, the British counterintelligence MI5 revealed their real identities, after which the spies were forced to return to their homeland.

Earlier it was reported that US intelligence agencies suspected a possible Chinese agent of espionage, Christina Fan, who previously spent a lot of time with Democratic Party politicians in California. During her years at the University of San Francisco, she was able to establish contacts with local politicians and get a position as a fundraiser for Congressman Eric Swalwell. In addition, the Chinese woman is credited with sexual relations, it is alleged that she slept with at least two mayors of cities.

At the end of January, the media reported that the plans to join the Asian equivalent of NATO, the main opponent of which will be China. In particular, the United States proposes to expand the existing format of the Quadrilateral Dialogue (QUAD), which is often called the “Asian NATO”. Media sources in the British government do not deny that the UK can join this alliance.

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