There was a sixth explosion in Kabul

There was a sixth explosion in Kabul

The sixth explosion, presumably, occurred in Kabul, reports Afghan TV channel 1TV.

Details about the force of the explosion, destruction, and casualties are still unknown. In total, according to information received so far, six explosions have occurred in the capital of Afghanistan.

Earlier, three explosions occurred at the Kabul airport. The number of victims as a result of the attack exceeded 100. The number of victims of the reached 40 people. Among them are the Afghans, the Taliban who guarded the entrance to the airport, as well as the US army military. According to the Pentagon, their number has grown to 13 people. Later, the Al Arabiya TV channel reported two more explosions in the vicinity of the Afghan capital.

The Islamic State terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the bombings. According to the head of the US Central Command, General Kenneth Mackenzie, the terrorists intended to shoot down planes near the Kabul airport, but they do not have the capabilities for this.

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