The Tunisian army blocked the Government Palace

The Tunisian army blocked the Government Palace

Soldiers of the Tunisian National Army blocked the central district of the capital Kasbah, where the Government Palace is located. This is reported by the Mosaique FM radio station.

According to media reports, the Tunisian government building was blocked along the perimeter, administration employees are not allowed inside. No collisions were reported.

Earlier, the Tunisian Interior Ministry was temporarily headed by the head of the presidential service, Khalid al-Yahyavi. The corresponding order was signed by the President of the country, Kais Said.

On July 25, in Tunisia, people took to the streets of the capital and other major cities with a demand to dissolve the parliament, as well as hold early elections. The participants of the action called for social and economic reforms. The protesters opposed the policies of the ruling Ennahda party, which has been in power since 2011.

Tunisian President Kais Said announced the resignation of Prime Minister Hisham Mashishi. The work of the Assembly of People’s Representatives — the unicameral parliament — was also suspended amid protests.

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