The Supreme Court of France recognized the constitutionality of COVID-passes

The Supreme Court of France recognized the constitutionality of COVID-passes

Since August 9, without a certificate of vaccination, a previous illness, or a negative PCR test, they will not be allowed in cafes, intercity transport, hospitals in France.

The introduction of health passports in confirming that a person has been vaccinated has had or has passed a negative PCR test, and mandatory of medical workers do not contradict the country’s Constitution. This is reported by France 24 with reference to the decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic.

However, the court found unconstitutional the dismissal of a healthcare worker with a short-term contract who refused mandatory vaccination, and the introduction of mandatory quarantine.

According to the government’s decision, from August 9 to September 30, a sanitary passport, in particular, will be required for entering cafes and restaurants (both indoors and on the terrace), intercity public transport (planes, trains, buses), medical institutions (except emergency rooms). Since the end of July, without it, they are no longer allowed to go to museums, parks, zoos, attractions, cinemas, concerts, festivals, and sports events with the participation of more than 50 people.

You can get a pass in three cases:

—  of your choice with Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson drugs;

— A negative result of a PCR test performed within 48 hours, or a test for the presence of antibodies;

— Certificate of recovery from COVID-19, issued less than six months ago.

Anyone who enters the establishment without presenting a valid pass can be fined €135 for the first violation.

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