In Greece, fires destroyed or damaged hundreds of homes

In Greece, fires destroyed or damaged hundreds of homes

Rescuers are evacuating people from areas where fires are spreading. More than 40 new outbreaks have appeared in two days.

Fires on the island of Euboea and in the suburbs of Athens, Greece, have destroyed or damaged more than 200 homes. It was reported by the Greek Reporter on Wednesday 4 August.

In Euboea and in the Athens suburb of Varympopi, more than 8 thousand hectares of land were engulfed in flames. About a hundred fire service employees are taking measures to localize fires. Residents of three villages were ordered to evacuate.

In addition, the people were called upon to move to the town of Istiya on the northwest coast of the island. In total, over ten villages have been evacuated over the past 24 hours.

At the same time, the number of fires in Evia continues to grow. The deputy mayor of the city of Limni Argyris Liaskos called for the activation of the aerial firefighting forces, as the fire continues to spread uncontrollably.

In Varympopi, more than 70 houses were severely damaged by fire. The authorities emphasize that the situation with fires in the suburbs is improving thanks to the efforts of firefighters.

Finally, Deputy Minister for the Protection of Greek Citizens Nikos Hardalias said that since Tuesday, more than 40 new fires have been recorded throughout the country.

Recall that earlier broke a new temperature record with a mark of +47 degrees. Further in terms of heat level are the Macrakomi in the Florida region with a temperature of + 46.2 С and Arfara in Messinia in the southwest of the Peloponnese with a temperature of + 46.1 С.

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