The European Parliament approved the agreement between the EU and Britain

The European Parliament approved the agreement between the EU and Britain

Brussels has made a move to create a legal framework for relations with London after Brexit

The European Parliament has approved the between the and the United Kingdom on trade and cooperation after Brexit.

As reported, the results of the vote were announced before the start of the plenary session in Brussels.

“For” the adoption of the basic agreement between the and the , which completes the process of ratification of the formal withdrawal from the EU, 660 deputies voted, “against” — 5, 32-abstained.

The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement consists of three main parts.

The first is a comprehensive and balanced free trade agreement. This document covers not only trade in goods and services but also issues of protecting the interests of the parties in the areas of investment, competition, etc.

The second component of the agreement between the EU and the UK on-trade and cooperation is the rules of the new partnership in the field of security, which provides for cooperation in the law enforcement and judicial spheres, in the fight against cross-border crime and terrorism.

The third direction of the agreement is the horizontal rules of administrative management.

Earlier it was reported that the EU accused of the failure of negotiations on the “Irish question”.

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