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Boris Johnson under investigation

Boris Johnson under investigation

The Prime Minister of Great Britain could not explain the cost of expensive repairs to his residence, writes Reuters. According to investigators, Johnson illegally used the party’s funds from taxpayers.

The British Electoral Commission has launched an official into who funded the renovation work at the Prime Minister’s flat at 11 Downing Street in London. The cabinet and Johnson’s press secretary insisted that the prime minister paid for the repairs himself. According to a rough estimate, the new arrangement of the apartments cost the politician 200 thousand pounds (about 280 thousand dollars).

Johnson’s annual allowance is 30 thousand pounds or 42 thousand dollars. If the prime minister took out a loan for repairs, which is now often referred to, then according to the rules of political financing, he should have immediately announced this to the ministers.

In March 2021, when the repairs had already resulted in a huge amount, and it became known to the public, decided to create a charitable foundation to compensate for the unreasonable spending of his fiancee Carrie Simmonds on “walls of gold”. Such donations from wealthy conservatives were perceived by politicians as a of interest.

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