The Czech Republic asked European countries for help with receiving coronavirus patients

The turned to Germany, Switzerland, and Poland for help due to the congestion of their own hospitals with patients with coronavirus.

This was announced on Friday by the Czech Ministry of Health on its website.

“A large number of new patients continues to put a strain on the health care system and the number of hospitalizations needed is growing,” the statement said.

It is noted that inpatient hospital care in most regions has gone beyond its capabilities, so the turned to Germany, Switzerland, and Poland with a request to cooperate to accommodate patients.

“Hospitals in some regions have already exhausted their capacity and can no longer provide patients with adequate care or take new patients on their own,” Health Minister Jan Blatny describes the situation in hospitals.

To counter the epidemic, kindergartens and schools have been closed in the since March 1. Of the shops, only those that sell essential goods work.

In early March, the recorded a new record for severe coronavirus patients for the entire time of the epidemic.

and Switzerland have previously announced that they are ready to accept a number of seriously ill coronavirus from the Czech Republic.

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