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A scandal erupted in the Bulgarian parliament over Sputnik V

In the Bulgarian parliament, at a meeting of the health commission, a erupted over the Russian Sputnik V  vaccine. The reason was the appeal of the socialists to oblige the government to ensure the supply of the RF drug to the republic.

Representatives of the ruling party Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria refused to support the position of their opponents and actually reduced the debate to a discussion of absurd details. Among other things, they seriously began to debate how to correctly read the name of the  — “Sputnik V” or “Sputnik Five”. As a result, the parliamentarians from GERB made their proposal, according to which the government of the country should consult with the European Commission on the procurement of drugs licensed for use outside the EU.

“We want the health of the Bulgarian nation to be in our hands, and not in the hands of outside structures,” a Socialist MP, representing the second-strongest party in the republic, said during the debate. Hungary and Slovakia were cited as examples, which made the decision to acquire Sputnik V. Thus, according to the opposition, any state has the right to its own initiatives and actions under its own responsibility.

The unconstructive approach of the managers and the lack of prerequisites for conducting a sound dialogue forced the deputies from the Socialist Party to leave the meeting hall.

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