The Buckingham Palace denied information about the concealment of wealth by Elizabeth II

In Buckingham Palace, they denied information about the concealment of Elizabeth II of her wealth by changing the bill on financial transparency. The message from the palace is quoted by The Independent.

“The Queen’s consent [to legislate] is a parliamentary process in which the role of the sovereign is purely formal. Consent is always provided by the monarch at the request of the government. Any statement that the sovereign has blocked legislation is simply wrong, ” the Queen’s representatives explained.

Earlier, the newspaper The Guardian, referring to the documents of the National Archives that came into its possession, reported that Queen Elizabeth II of Great had lobbied for a change in the bill on financial transparency to hide her personal wealth. According to the publication, in the 1970s, the Queen’s personal lawyer allegedly put pressure on ministers in order to amend the bill in such a way as not to publicize information about her stake.

The publication notes that the fortune of Elizabeth II was never publicly disclosed, but it is believed that it amounts to hundreds of millions of British pounds. In 2020, The Sunday Times estimated her fortune at £350 million ($480 million).

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