Facebook Tightens Fight Against COVID-19 Misinformation

Inc. expanded the list of cases in which it will delete posts related to health issues that contain false information about and the fight against it. The updates specifically concern lies about vaccines and vaccinations.

This is discussed in the update made on Monday, February 8, in the April company blog.

For example, the company intends to remove records that claim:

is artificial;

vaccines are ineffective against the diseases for which they are designed;

the disease is safer than the vaccine;

vaccines are toxic, dangerous, or cause autism.

“We will immediately begin to enforce this policy, paying special attention to pages, groups, and accounts that violate these rules,” – said in the message.

also stated that groups, pages, and accounts that have repeatedly contributed to the spread of such posts can be completely removed from the site.

We will remind, in December, the company said that the Facebook and Instagram will delete all false claims about vaccines for COVID-19, which were denied by health experts.

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