The blogger found an unusual way to quickly return the sense of smell after COVID-19

The video of a Canadian blogger, in which he tells how to regain the sense of smell after suffering in a few days, instantly scattered across the network and gained a huge number of views.

Canadian blogger Kemar Gary Lalor presented a very unusual way to restore the sense of smell after suffering a  infection. According to the blogger, this option turned out to be very effective and fast for him.

According to the recommendations presented, you need to take an unpeeled orange and fry it over a fire. This should be done until the crust turns black. After that, the orange should be peeled and crushed. Add two to five tablespoons of brown sugar to the resulting gruel. And the resulting mixture needs to be eaten.

According to the blogger, this method helps to restore the sense of smell in just a few days.

He posted a video of the recipe on TikTok, and the video instantly spread across the network and went viral.

In the comments to the video, many wrote that the method really helps. However, some users noted that this option is not suitable for everyone.

As explained by British medic Karan Rajan, the blogger’s recipe is a kind of “olfactory workout” and can actually work.

We add that doctors and scientists have repeatedly spoken out that in order to return the sense of smell after coronavirus, special attention should be paid to special exercises. To do this, it is recommended to inhale various odors several times a day. The harsh and strong enough aromas of essential oils such as citrus, cinnamon, and cloves are ideal for such activities. Also, doctors recommend rinsing the nose and using special hormonal sprays, but only in consultation with the doctor.

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