Cataclysms hit the world: the USA falls asleep with snow, and Australia suffers from drought

The world is covered with natural disasters — the USA is covered with snow, is drowned by downpours, and in Australia, drought is destroying forests.

New Jersey has the largest rainfall in the past 122 years. People are barely clearing snow from their yards. They don’t even risk going out on the roads — it’s too dangerous.

Actually, like walking. After all, the air temperature is dropping, and ice has already formed under a meter-long layer of snow.

And continues to be flooded with rains. As a result, the commune of Marmande, located in the south-west of the country, goes underwater. Hundreds of square kilometers of land have already been flooded there.

Residents of villages and towns are preparing for the evacuation. And meteorologists warn that the rains will not stop in the coming days.

At the same time, is suffering from a drought that has resulted in massive wildfires. At the same time, warm weather and strong winds only increase the area of fires. As a result of the rampant elements, several dozen residential buildings have already been burned down. Fortunately, people in a hurry managed to leave them.

As previously reported, the country’s most active volcano erupted in Indonesia — Mount Merapi erupted from itself a cloud of volcanic ash and a lava flow, which flowed about 1600 meters down the slope.

We also wrote that even the warm regions of the planet were abnormally cold. Snow fell recently in the Sahara, Istanbul, and Kashmir were also covered with snow.

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