Stoltenberg: NATO believes in dialogue with Russia

Stoltenberg: NATO believes in dialogue with Russia

believes in dialogue with Russia. The Alliance is convinced that it is necessary to build better with official Moscow. This was announced on Friday, June 4, by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

The Secretary-General of the Alliance spoke about relations with the Russian Federation during his speech at the “-2030: Transatlantic Agenda for the future”. The event precedes the summit, which will be held on June 14. It takes place in the online format.

The event is organized by the German Council on Foreign Relations and the Brookings Institution.

We believe in dialogue with partly because we need to build better relations with Russia, as it is our neighbor, “ Stoltenberg said.

On May 15, the Secretary-General said that the organization remains open to dialogue with Russia. He called the country “more aggressive.” According to him, NATO offered a dialogue to Russia, but it “ behaves aggressively both at home and on the world stage.”

Stoltenberg later announced that the North Atlantic Alliance had decided to improve relations with Russia.

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