EU skies closed for Belarusian airlines

The EU has officially banned Belarusian airlines from flying to Europe

The has officially banned all Belarusian air carriers from using their airspace.

According to a common statement, the decision provides for a ban on take-off, landing on the territory of the block, as well as on the flight of Belarusian airlines.

On May 25, the leaders of the EU countries issued a statement following the summit, in which they decided to ban Belarusian companies from flying to EU airports and flying over the territory of the and called on EU air carriers to refuse to fly over the territory of the republic.

They also demanded to impose additional against Minsk because of the incident with the emergency landing of the Ryanair plane.

Belarus has announced that it will appeal to the International Civil Aviation Organization against the ban of different countries on the use of their airspace.

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