Spanish police find 4 million fake masks

Spanish police seized about four million fake medical face at a hotel during a raid over a gathering whose participants violated  restrictions.

This is reported by The Local.

Police found the in cardboard boxes on the ground floor and in a warehouse of a hotel in Leganes on the southern outskirts of Madrid.

The boxes were ready for transport and marked as containing KN95 and FFP2 with a high degree of protection.

In addition, the police found a printer capable of printing with the so-called CE marking, which indicates compliance with European standards.

“The seized material leads investigators to believe that the unapproved masks were subjected to a seal (CE marking) so that they could be marketed as certified masks,” the statement said.

Police raided the hotel after being notified of a gathering of 48 young people who had breached restrictions on the number of people allowed to meet.

Officers arrested the hotel manager on suspicion of forgery.

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