Facebook will limit the dissemination of news in Australia because of the new law

will restrict the distribution of news content in Australia due to new legislation on media transactions. This is stated in the company’s message, published on February 17.

“In response to Australia’s proposed new ‘Media Deal Act’, will restrict publishers and residents of this country from being able to distribute or watch local or international news content,” it said.

The Australian authorities propose to oblige the technology giants to discuss payments for content with local publishers and broadcasters. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, the amount of the payments will be determined by an arbitrator appointed by the State. According to management, the authorities of the country “fundamentally wrong” accept the relationship between the parties, and the company had no choice but to restrict the transmission of news content.

On January 28, the Australian State Commission for the Protection of Competition and Consumer Rights (ACCC) appealed to the authorities of the country to take action and solve the problems that have arisen due to the dominance of the American corporation in the national digital advertising market. The ACCC’s final report on the state of the national digital advertising market will be presented to the Australian Government on August 31, 2021.

In Australia, a law is being prepared under which technology giants will be required to discuss payments for content with local publishers and broadcasters. In the absence of an agreement, the amount of the fee will be determined by the State-appointed arbitrator. At a hearing in the Australian Senate on January 22, regional director Mel Silva said that in such conditions, the company will not be able to work in the country and will disable its Internet search in Australia.

In response, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the government would not respond to threats from tech giants.

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