Slovakia is the second in the EU to buy the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”

became the second country in the to purchase a Russian  vaccine without waiting for its approval by the European regulator.

This is reported by Aktuality.

The government of has not yet officially announced the purchase of the vaccine in the Russian Federation.

However, according to a well-informed Aktuality source in the Ministry of Health, the first batch of vaccines should land at the airport in Kosice in the late afternoon.

This information is also confirmed by the fact that Prime Minister Igor Matovich and Health Minister Marek Krajci are planning to hold a press conference there this evening.

Neither the ministry nor the Prime Minister’s office responded to the question about the purchase of Sputnik V during the day.

According to Aktuality, the minister has already signed a permit for the use of Sputnik V, which is an unregistered vaccine in the European Union.

On Sunday evening, Prime Minister Igor Matovich posted a cryptic status on Facebook. “It’s going to be a big week. Two big decisions that will significantly change Slovakia, “ he wrote.

One of these solutions may be the purchase of a Russian vaccine.

According to radar data, one of the Slovak military aircraft is already flying from Russia to Slovakia, and the other is flying in the opposite direction.

Currently, only Hungary uses Sputnik V among the member states.

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