In China, the plane fell on residential buildings, there are victims

In the city district of Jian, a plane of the meteorological service crashed. All those on board were killed.

In China, a plane of the meteorological service crashed with five employees on board. As reported by the agency on Monday, March 1, a plane fell on residential buildings in the city district of Ji’an.

One local resident on the ground was also injured in the crash. He was hospitalized, there is no threat to his life.

Three residential buildings were also damaged due to the fall.

It is noted that the Beechcraft B300 King Air 350 aircraft performed a planned flight to explore rain clouds.

Now rescuers have found the bodies of all the victims. The causes of the disaster are being established.

Earlier it was reported that the American city of Bloomfield in Colorado was strewn with large fragments of the engine of the Boeing 777 aircraft of the United Airlines company, which had problems during the flight.

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