Shootout fired at Kabul airport: one man killed, several wounded

There was a skirmish between Afghan forces and unknown assailants at the international airport of Kabul.

It is reported by DPA.

A spokesman for the U.S. Central Command said the incident began when an unknown assailant opened fire on the Afghan military.

“The Afghans returned fire, and in accordance with their right of self-defense, U.S. and coalition troops also did so,” he said.

One member of the Afghan forces was killed and several other Afghans were wounded in the shooting. No U.S. or coalition troops were wounded. The casualties are now in an airport field hospital.

The airport has been in chaos in recent days amid efforts by Western nations to evacuate their citizens and local Afghan personnel after Taliban fighters took over the country.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, seven Afghan civilians have been killed. Emergency Aid, a community organization that operates a hospital in Kabul, said Monday that they had admitted 14 people with serious injuries since Saturday morning. Six people brought in from the airport had bullet wounds.

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