A powerful wind farm will be built in China

A powerful wind farm will be built in China

The Chinese company Ming Yang Smart Energy announced that it will build the world’s most powerful floating wind farm MySE 16.0-242, capable of generating 16 megawatts, writes CNBC. A 264-meter windmill with a rotor diameter of 242 meters and a 118-meter blade will provide electricity to 20 thousand households.

The prototype of the power plant will be installed in 2023, and in 2024 it will go on sale. The Muse 16.0-242 generates 45 percent more energy than the previous turbine of the manufacturer Muse 11.0-203. The management of MingYang promised to adapt the station to different weather conditions so that it would work effectively in the conditions of a typhoon in the South Sea and during a constant wind in the North Sea.

In addition to the capacity, the construction will also receive other advantages over competitors. All electronics and a medium-voltage transformer will be moved up to the gondola to simplify cable laying and increase ease of maintenance. An airtight structure will be installed on it to protect the gondola from severe corrosion while maintaining natural ventilation inside.

At the end of July, the world’s most powerful floating tidal turbine O2 began operating in one of the Straits of the Orkney Islands in the north of Scotland. The 74-meter turbine weighing 680 tons can provide electricity to about two thousand homes and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2.2 tons per year. The Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure, and Communications for Scotland, Michael Matheson, called the launch of the turbine a moment of pride for the country and an important milestone on the road to green energy.

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