Shooting in the USA killed five children

The took place in a private house — on the spot the police found the bodies of four children and an adult, another child died in the hospital.

In a house in Oklahoma, USA, five children and one adult were shot. This was reported by KJRH-TV on Tuesday, February 2.

The incident took place in the city of Muskogee. A call to the police about the in the house came on Tuesday night at 01:30.

Law enforcers found a man with a weapon on the spot, who was trying to escape. After a short chase, he was detained. Now he is now in custody. The suspect is a relative of those killed, but the police did not specify exactly how he is associated with them.

In the building itself, law enforcement officers found the bodies of an adult man and four children. The fifth child was hospitalized, but the boy died in the hospital. In addition, the injured woman is in intensive care.

According to law enforcement officials, the occurred as a result of a domestic conflict.

Let’s remind that earlier in the USA five people were killed in a shootout. The police are involved in the of the incident, as well as the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It was also reported that in the United States, a man committed a series of deadly attacks. An armed Chicago resident shot at least three people and wounded four more in different parts of the city. As a result, the shooter was eliminated by the police.

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