In Sicily, more than 20 suspects were detained in connection with the Mafia

Among those detained in southern are a lawyer and two police officers. They are suspected of complicity with the Mafia.

Italian law enforcement officials on the island of Sicily have detained 23 people suspected of having links to local criminal groups. Among those detained are two local police officers and a lawyer, writes ASNA.

According to the publication, the lawyer’s office allegedly hosted meetings of “the leaders of the island’s criminal groups” for two years.

Recall that the leader of the Cosa Nostra Matteo Messina Denaro in 2020 was sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment for organizing the murders of two judges. Earlier, he was also sentenced to life in prison for other murders and organizing terrorist attacks.

Denaro has been a fugitive from justice for almost 30 years, and no one knows exactly what he looks like.

Earlier, a large-scale operation against the mafia in was carried out in January.

It was also reported that the Italian police detained 49 members of the mafia clan. Among those detained are the mayor and councilman of Rosarno in Calabria. They are suspected of having ties to the mafia and vote-buying.

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