Sharon Stone admitted whose kisses her colleagues were the “hottest” of all

Not so long ago, a Hollywood actress admitted that she tried to meet men through the Internet. did not like the new-fashioned method, and she expressed indignation that now they “have learned to flirt. But with genuine delight, the actress remembers her shop colleagues with whom she had to kiss on the set. It turned out that the first place in the kissing belongs to Robert De Niro.

The Metro newspaper writes about it. According to Sharon Stone, she was impressed by the kiss with the actor during the shooting of the movie “Casino”, which was released in 1995. The actress jokingly admitted that she was so in love with a colleague that even if he had hit her on the head, she would have thought it was amazing.

“It was the actor I admired the most, and throughout my career, I thought I wanted to sit in front of De Niro and hold on to myself,”  said.

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