The second wave of coronavirus announced in the EU

All EU member states must be prepared to initiate control measures at the first sign of potential new outbreaks, the European health commissioner said.

National governments and citizens of EU countries must understand the danger of a second wave of the coronavirus epidemic. This was stated by the European Commissioner for Health Stella Kyriakides.

“With more cases in some member states than the peak in March, it’s clear that this crisis has not gone away,” she said.

This means that all EU member states must be ready to start control measures immediately and at the right time, at the first sign of potential new outbreaks, Kyriakides said.

She stressed that otherwise, the EU will again have to resort to strict quarantine.

“Now is a defining moment and everyone must act decisively and use the tools that we have. This may be our last chance to prevent a repeat of last spring,” said the European health commissioner.

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