Sharm el-Sheikh resort in Egypt was surrounded by a concrete wall

Egypt continues to implement measures to ensure the safety of local residents. The next stage was the construction of a giant concrete wall, thanks to which access to the city will be possible only through special checkpoints.

A 36-kilometer wall was built around the popular Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula. It is reported by the Middle East Monitor newspaper.

The protective structure is made of concrete slabs with sections of barbed wire. The construction of the wall began three years ago.

According to the Egyptian Tourist Guides Association, this fence is designed to protect the resort town of Sharm el-sheik from crime and extremism, as the city is relatively close to the center of Islamist activities in the north of Sinai.

The erected fence is said to extend from the city entrance from the south to its northernmost point in the Nabq area. There are also four checkpoints along the wall.

Thus, now you can get into the city only through specially equipped checkpoints. All vehicles entering the resort will be thoroughly searched.

The idea to build a wall appeared several years ago. The reason for this was the armed robbery of a bank in Sharm el-Sheikh, which was never solved and the criminals were never found. The authorities are confident that thanks to the installed wall, it will be possible to protect the city from dangerous visitors.

It is noted that the implementation of the project aimed at improving the of Sharm el-Sheikh has not yet been completed. The ultimate goal of this project is to create the most comfortable conditions for local residents and vacationers in the South Sinai province.

According to representatives of the Egyptian tourism industry, such unprecedented measures implemented in Sharm el-Sheikh will facilitate the return of tourists to the resort.

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