FRG Foreign Minister called for abandoning isolation of Russia and China

The head of the German Foreign Ministry, Heiko Maas, shared that he does not support a policy aimed at economic isolation of the Russian Federation and China. As the minister argued, this literally pushes states to each other, as a result of which a “largest” military-economic alliance may appear.

“They (supporters of the suspension of the Nord Stream 2 project) say that because of what is happening in Russia, we should not deal with Russia, after all, any business with is beneficial to the state<…> We have similar debates in With regard to China, it is about disengagement, this means nothing more than the economic isolation of China, ”- said in a statement made by Maas during his speech in the Bundestag.

The German Foreign Minister suggested paying attention to what all these steps can lead to from a geostrategic point of view. According to his position, those who share such isolation measures, without suspecting anything, are pushing and towards each other, thereby creating the “largest” military-economic alliance that already exists.

In a similar vein, the Foreign Minister criticized the supporters of the idea of excluding from the Council of Europe. He argued his position by the fact that membership in the CE meets the interests of the citizens of the Russian Federation. Maas clarified that he does not care about the strategy of burned bridges.

In his speech, Maas warned of the onset of serious consequences if the country refuses to complete the Nord Stream 2 project.

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