Scientists have declared the threat of an “eternal pandemic”

Scientists have declared the threat of an “eternal pandemic”

Swollen human remains on the banks of the Ganges, decomposing bodies abandoned outside crematoriums due to a shortage of firewood — this is how the pandemic in was seen by the American publication Project Syndicate. It believes that the catastrophic situation in South Asia could lead to a” perpetual pandemic”.

India’s hospitals are running out of oxygen, medicine, and beds, and people are lining up outside emergency departments and clinics, begging for their loved ones to be saved.

In Nepal, where one in two people have tested positive for the virus, the difficulties are compounded by the fact that is the main supplier of vaccines and oxygen to the country. But now the supplies have stopped. The region is experiencing a humanitarian catastrophe.

“The situation will only get worse as this deadly wave spreads unchecked to rural areas of the subcontinent, where there are even fewer medical facilities. As members of the human family and as citizens of democratic countries who protect each other when help is needed, we must all act — governments, businesses, and individuals.

The faster we do this, the more lives we can save, “ writes Kevin Rudd in the author’s column.

The author emphasizes that almost a quarter of humanity lives in the region and the uncontrolled spread of the virus threatens an eternal pandemic, the appearance of even more deadly strains. They will threaten all of humanity.

“Future generations will remember what the world did or did not do in the face of the devastating second wave of the virus in South Asia. and its neighbors are in desperate need of more vaccines, oxygen, and other supplies. It is in the interest of the rest of the world to provide them as quickly as possible,” Rudd concluded.

Earlier it was reported that against the background of the COVID-disaster was overwhelmed by a wave of” black mold”.

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