Samsung smartphone owners are under threat of surveillance

Samsung smartphone owners are under threat of surveillance

More than a dozen vulnerabilities have been found in Samsung smartphones that allow attackers to discreetly monitor their owners and even take control of the device, according to media reports. The company may need about two months to release a patch with bug fixes, while the of users of the phones of the South Korean vendor is under threat.

Samsung is working on a update for its devices that should fix dozens of vulnerabilities.

More than ten different errors were found in the system of Samsung smartphones, which represent threats of various levels for owners.

So, these vulnerabilities can allow to both spies on users and gain access to SMS messages and system documents, and completely intercept the control of a smartphone.

At the same time, a potential victim is not required to perform any actions, such as clicking on a phishing link or downloading an infected application, in order to get hooked by cybercriminals.

With the help of a special scanner application, managed to find several viruses that are in pre-installed applications and allow to monitor the user. The researcher also found that some software has the ability to gain device administrator rights by deleting other applications.

Due to the serious threat posed by the vulnerabilities found, information about which smartphones or versions of the Android operating system were affected is hidden.

However, the main problem is that Android (unlike iOS) is open source, and different smartphone manufacturers have different approaches to the update process and the speed of patch release.

So, Samsung may need about two months to release a patch with an update of measures. It is also worth remembering that older phones may not be updated at all, as they do not support the current version of the operating system.

In order not to become a victim of cybercriminals, many information security experts recommend that users regularly update the firmware of their devices through the settings in the “Software Update” section, you can check for available updates and install them.

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