Russia’s military power in the Arctic worries the US and Denmark

Russia's military power in the Arctic worries the US and Denmark

The United States and Danish authorities are concerned about Russia’s increased military presence in the Arctic and consider it important to protect key infrastructure in the region. This is stated in a statement released on Sunday by the State Department in connection with the trip of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to the kingdom.

“The United States welcomed the recent decision of the Kingdom of to invest $245 million in the defense of the North Atlantic region and the Arctic, which underscores our mutual commitment to maintaining the stability and of the Arctic. The United States and the Kingdom of share concerns about Russia’s increased military presence in the Arctic. We agree on the importance of protecting sensitive key infrastructure in the region, “ the US Foreign Ministry said.

“The United States represents an Arctic region free of conflict, where states act responsibly and economic development and investment are conducted in a sustainable, transparent manner, with respect for the environment, the interests, and culture of indigenous peoples,” the State Department added.

Blinken will visit on May 16-17 and 20, 2021, and hold talks with the Prime Minister of the Kingdom, Mette Frederiksen, and Foreign Minister Eppe Kufud. “During his visit, Secretary Blinken will emphasize the importance of promoting common goals, combating the climate crisis, developing environmentally friendly technologies, and cooperation in the field of defense and the Arctic. The Secretary of State will confirm the US commitment to developing closer with Greenland and the Faroe Islands, “ the document says.

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