125 wooden elephants were installed outside Buckingham Palace

125 wooden elephants were installed outside Buckingham Palace

On Saturday morning, 125 life-size wooden elephants appeared outside Buckingham Palace. This is reported by the BBC.

A symbolic march of wooden figures crossed the Mall leading to the London residence of the British Queen.

It is intended to demonstrate the possibility of the peaceful coexistence of humans and animals in the modern world.

The action was organized by activists of the Elephant Family conservation group, which protects Asian elephants from extinction.

Wooden models of elephants were made by the indigenous peoples of the Nilgiri Mountains in southern India, where wild Indian elephants live side by side with them.

The environmental fund, with the help of similar actions, wants to remind people of the need to protect animals even after human activity returns to the pre-visible level.

“By saving them, we are actually saving ourselves,” says Ruth Ganesh, one of the founders of Elephant Family.

After the performance on Saturday, the elephants will be displayed in London parks, and then the wooden models will be put up for sale for 30,000 pounds.

The proceeds will be used for various environmental purposes.

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