Russia urged North and South Korea not to wait for sanctions to be lifted

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on North and South Korea not to wait for the lifting of sanctions to implement trilateral projects.

Lavrov emphasized that Russia is in favor of promoting cooperation between the three parties. In particular, he mentioned a project to integrate Korean railways with the Trans-Siberian Railway, as well as transit supplies of pipeline gas and electricity through the DPRK to South Korea.

“We consider it important to start practical measures in this area, without waiting for the lifting of international sanctions against the DPRK,” the Russian minister said. According to him, these actions will be able to strengthen peace and security on the peninsula and also meet the economic interests of all three countries.

For the first time, sanctions against the DPRK were imposed by the UN Security Council in 2006, after the first successful test of North Korean nuclear weapons. Further, they expanded with each new test, as well as in connection with the launches of ballistic missiles and satellite.

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