Coronavirus headquarters reopens in Estonia

The medical headquarters for the fight against the spread of  was reopened at the Estonian Health Department The press secretary of the department, Eike Kingsepp, announced this on Monday.

“In recent weeks, we have seen an increase in incidence rates, and therefore it is reasonable to return the structure of that time (the state of emergency due to coronavirus in the spring),” she told the ERR portal.

The headquarters were headed by the head of the Emergency Medicine Center of the North-Estonian Regional Hospital Arkady Popov and Lieutenant Colonel Ahti Varblane. The end date of the medical headquarters has not been determined.

“The work can be extended depending on the situation and how long we will have the second wave, — added Kingsepp. — But definitely, for the next two months, this headquarters will work.”

The epidemic situation in has been deteriorating since the end of August. The state of emergency operated in the republic in connection with the pandemic from March 13 to May 17. The total number of infected in the country reached 3,267, 64 patients died.

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