Russia asked the US military to stop rattling weapons in the Black Sea

reacted to the maneuvers of American ships in the Black Sea and asked the United States to stop “saber-rattling.” This is stated in a statement by the Russian embassy in the United States on Twitter.

“It looks like the US Navy Sixth Fleet is anxious to find the enemy in the Black Sea. They are desperately looking for an excuse — now openly under the guise of military exercises — to build up their presence in the region. We call on the US military to stop reckless saber-rattling and go about their business in the United States territorial waters. Peace and in the Black Sea do not need foreign intervention, ” the diplomats said.

On January 23, it was reported that the American warship Donald Cook entered the Black Sea. The destroyer was taken for an escort by the forces and means of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. On the evening of January 28, the US Navy destroyer Porter joined him. explained the appearance of these destroyers by Russia’s “military build-up”.

Later, after two American destroyers entered the Black Sea, the Russian frigate “Admiral Makarov” conducted exercises that included naval combat. In addition, during the maneuvers, the frigate’s air defense crew worked out the detection of an air target, with which the ship’s crew fought with active and passive jamming.

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