Priyanka Chopra on tough beauty standards in Hollywood

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra had to go a long way to prove that she is on a par with American actresses worthy of starring in Hollywood films.

Along with Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra is one of the few Indian actresses who has managed to achieve success in Hollywood. On the TV show The One Show, 38-year-old Chopra spoke about the standards of beauty adopted at the dream factory, and how it was difficult for her, an Indian, to get the main roles in popular projects.

“For the first time after moving to America, I studied music and even managed to release a couple of records, but soon I realized that I wanted to go acting,” Priyanka recalls. — I started looking for roles that I would be interested in playing in Hollywood films, but I quickly realized that no one is eager to give the lead role to an Indian actress.”

“I don’t mean genre films or independent films, I’m talking about popular Hollywood movies and TV shows. It seemed strange to me, but at the same time, I took it as an incentive to achieve a different attitude towards myself, “ Chopra shares. — I really believed that I would succeed.”

Priyanka was right: in 2015, she got the lead role in the series “Quantico”, thereby becoming the first Indian actress to star in a leading role in an American TV show. “Better late than never, but it still says that the entertainment industry needs diversity,” the actress said.

Chopra also recalled how at the beginning of her career, a Hollywood producer advised her to increase her breasts, correct her jawline and make her buttocks more prominent: “He said that if I wanted to become an actress, I would have to fix something. And he gave me the plastic surgeon’s phone number. I was terrified. I felt pathetic and helpless, and I asked myself if I was willing to continue to be treated like this for the sake of my dream.”

Priyanka told about her path to success and the difficulties she had to face in her memoir “Unfinished”. The book was released in America on February 9.

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