Ricky Martin revealed that his affairs with women were real

Ricky Martin revealed that his affairs with women were real

In the noughties, the Latin American singer, who does not hide his homosexual orientation, met with many women, for which he is often accused of insincerity. According to Martin, he had real feelings for his partners, despite the fact that he is gay.

In 2010, when Ricky Martin came out, many fans of the singer accused him of insincerity, because Martin had relationships with women. The singer decided to put all the dots on the and in an interview with People said that he never cheated on the women he met.

“Sexuality is a complex thing,” says Martin. — It is not divided into black and white, it has many different shades. When I dated women, I was in love with these women. You can’t fake chemistry — and it definitely was. So I didn’t mislead anyone.”

Before coming out, Martin had dated a lot of women. He had affairs with Ines Misan, Adriana Biega, Lilly Melgar, and Gabriela Sabatini. With the Mexican TV presenter Rebecca de Alba, Martin even considered starting a family.

In the interview, the singer also admitted that he regrets that he did not tell about his orientation earlier. In 2000, during an interview with The Mirror, TV presenter Barbara Walters asked Martin to comment on rumors about his orientation, to which he replied: “It’s no one’s business whether I was in bed with a cow, with a broom or with a woman. I’m not going to tell anyone if I’m gay or not.”

“Many people ask me if I would change something if I had the opportunity. Maybe I would have come out during that interview. That would be great because after coming out, I felt just amazing, ” Ricky added.

In 2016, Martin explained that he is attracted to both men and women, but that he is only interested in romantic relationships with men. “I know that I am attracted to both men and women. I am against labels regarding sexual orientation. We are all people with emotional and sexual needs, ” he said. — I’m gay.” I am attracted to men, but I want to enjoy complete sexual freedom. If I feel passion for a woman, I don’t mind spending the night with her.”

In 2018, Martin married Swedish-Syrian artist John Yosef. In the same year, they had a daughter, Lucia Martin-Josef. The singer also raises 12-year-old twin boys Matteo and Valentino, born from a surrogate mother.

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