An open lesbian became a minister in Latvia for the first time

An open lesbian became a minister in Latvia for the first time

One of the priorities of Maria Golubeva in the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be the fight against hate crimes and the reform of the internal affairs system

The Latvian Parliament approved the deputy from the pro-European bloc “ For Development/For!” Maria Golubeva as Minister of Internal Affairs.

This is reported by the local news agency LETA.

Her candidacy on June 3 was supported by 54 deputies of the Seimas, another 35 voted “against”. Golubeva, a 47-year-old openly lesbian, will become the first openly LGBT representative and only the second woman to head the Interior Ministry.

Golubeva will replace the representative of the party “ Who owns the state?” Sandys Jurgens, who resigned after his political force withdrew from the coalition.

In the “For!” movement, Maria Golubeva’s priorities include reforming the internal affairs system, strengthening the police and civil protection, combating domestic violence and hate crimes, improving the quality of pre-trial investigations, as well as preventing offenses among children and young people as an alternative to punishment.

The newly minted minister has already firmly stated her intention to dive into the internal affairs system and expressed hope for fruitful cooperation with the leadership of the forces.

It is worth noting that Golubeva will become the second openly LGBT representative in the government in the entire history of Latvia. In 2014, Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics officially declared his homosexuality.

Recall that in the United States this year, an openly gay man was appointed minister for the first time — he became a Democrat Pete Buttigieg, who headed the Ministry of Transport.

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