Protests in Paris lead to clashes with police

in Paris led to clashes with the police, more than 100 people were detained. The were reported on by French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen.

“119 arrests by 5:50 pm in Paris — thanks to our police and gendarmes, who are taking decisive and courageous actions against the many rioters. I know that the French are supporting our forces of order, ” he wrote in his profile. His message, in support of this information, was retweeted by the official account of the police prefecture of Paris.

The same account published information about attacks on police officers during the protests — they threw heavy objects at them and tried to attack with tools. Law enforcement officers published photographs of screwdrivers and a wrench confiscated from demonstrators.

Telegram-channel Gallia Daily published videos of the protest: one of the videos captures the moment of the clash with the police

Protests in France began against the background of the fact that the National Assembly deputies supported the article of the bill “On global security”, which introduces criminal liability for the dissemination of personal data or other information about police officers. For this, a punishment of one year of imprisonment and a fine of 45 thousand euros is threatened.

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